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March 26, 2012
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Haseo Yashimora Final by HaseoYashimora Haseo Yashimora Final by HaseoYashimora
the main character of my novel Haseo Yashimora

theme song: [link]



Age: Unknown (Older than mankind's existence)

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

Nationality: Caucasian

Affiliation: Married

Hair: White

Height: 6'

Weight: 165 lb

Specialty: Master swordsmen, Universal creator

Aliases: (ハセヲ) Haseo Yashimora

Place of Birth: Another universe

Race: Zavrakk'ii (Creators)

Family: Ayana(wife), Lia(daughter)

Faction: Good

Affiliation: Alliance Federation Of Planets (AFOP)

Teacher: Futsunushi: the god of swords and lightning


a-thousand blades: Haseo has a special move were he makes hand signs and his black katana or any other sword spins and flouts over his head, then he yells to release it "expand" then the sword itself clowns itself a thousand times all surrounding Haseo then ether 1 by 1 or all at ones they fly at the enemy!

Zaprialli: Zaprialli is an ability that transfers his opponents energy within him/her to him thus absorbing there powers to prevent him/her from using his/her powers.

Nex-Gen Blade: Haseo has a ring on his left index finger that everyone does not know what it it symbolizes, but it is really a weapon, Haseo's strongest weapon mater a fact. To activate it haseo holds it up in front of his face and sez, “Activate 0-1”. After activation, Haseo's arm is covered in a metal-type of glove and then summons a sword out of pure energy. This sword is like know other, it has the power to fire a blast out of the tip of the blade and can Case a nuclear explosion!

NEX-GEN Blade X-00: far into my novel Haseo earns the ability or power to trance form into his true god form as seen here- [link] (did not make image, commission i payed for a while ago), in doing so he is granted 90% of his powers that where sealed off early in the novel


Super speed: Haseo call it Litori, or Gust technique that makes the person almost teliport, but not, just going to fast for the naked eye to see. it also makes a sound, like Sonído from Bleach.

Weapons master: Haseo is known as a weapons master because for over 300,000 years on Zenitaia he has used/trained with every weapon known to anyone! Buy he prefers his black bladed katana his teacher gave him, and was his first weapon he ever used.

Immortality: Haseo can never die, unless killed. Although the user still experiences pain and injuries, mortal wounds result in the user becoming unconscious until injuries are tended upon, but their body will never rot, age or grow old. Haseo can stay young forever.

Enhanced Regeneration: Haseo can heal rapidly from any physical injury; the rate of recovery in 15 seconds if a limb in cut off or incinerated 5 seconds for a gash to a whole.

Super strength: Haseo has the strength of 10,000 men, so he can lift up from a car to a small building(2 story) but Haseo hardly uses this strength, if ever in battle.

Radar sense: Haseo can sense people 20 miles away, even people that are out of phase, Haseo never lets his guard down and this is they key for that.

master seer: Haseo as eyes like no other, he can see up to 1-2 miles and has radar vision.

Battoujutsu (抜刀術 Battōjutsu?) is a swordstyle that focuses on powerful strikes that "start in a split second" and "end in a split second", meaning that energy isn't miss-used outside the attack while the sword is sheathed). haseo's sword is noun as Ken no kami meaning, "god of swords", haseo even quoted his sword to one of his allies, “The speed of my Ken no kami can kill a person seven times in the period known as ‘an instant’. People call this an instant kill. Calling it a certain-kill would not be incorrect either”

Haseo's History CH.1

In another universe Sakara was just a teenager in a sense, he is a Zavrakk'ii translated means “Creator”. On a small planet orbiting a gas giant. One day as Sakara was with his father, ships from space came and started to destroy everything, killing everyone! Sakara's father sacrificing himself to save Sakara and Sakara's brother Zane, he sends to a “blank universe”, in a sense a universe thats not been created yet, so an infinite space of black nothingness. Sakara having the ability and knowledge to make a universe sets off a big bang, and, well you know the rest,”evolution”. The next 7 million years Sakara and Zane watched over there universe as it formed, then Sakara took intrust in a race that began to be highly advance at such an alarming rate for it being so young, so Sakara watched them for a few thousand years seeing them build and expand into space.

Sakara took so much intrust in this race now known as the Maggnorions he decided to become one of them to experience there lives and what they live through there prospective. On the Maggnorion home world called Zenitaia, Sakara transported himself to the farmlands on Zenitaia where some how he did something wrong, instead of his appearing as a teen, he was a child looks the age of 14! Sakara now confused what happened, Zane reminded him about his new name and alibi to tell people and he was restricted of 80% of his powers(now can only use whats in bio). Sakara, now known as Haseo Yashimora, witched he preferred more then his real name, set out into the city on foot. As he reached the city of Magnoliess, Haseo ran into the local law enforcement that wanted to question him(he looked none Maggnorion and no other life was found by the Maggnorions yet), so Haseo complied and went with them in a large police hover car to there station deeper into the multi- layered city. Upon arriving at the station Haseo saw just how extensive the city was and how big.

When they got to the station and brang him inside, they asked him a lot of questions, Haseo gave them his alibi, “my spaceship was heavily damaged, so I went into the escape pod and landed on this planet”, they believed him and asked for his name, Sakara said, “ Haseo Yashimora”. 20 years later Haseo was excepted into there society and started his first day of school. He didn’t get the idea at first seeing that it was way different then his races teachings witch was a computer that directly downloaded everything his race needed to know, but here there was a school with “teachers” and “classrooms” and lots more, but Haseo took a dive right into it and became the smarted student in the school, so smart the school administration gave him a test that know one has ever past, and past it in 3 minutes flat! The staff was so shocked, they called the Maggnorion government to check Haseo out to see if they could test him and see how truly smart he was he refused and instead wrote down equations, it was the mathematics of making the invention known as FTL or faster then light travel! Weeks later Haseo was sent to the government and (under guard) met the leaders of the Maggnorion race.

As the leaders of the Maggnorion race explain the reason he was brought before them Haseo said thus,” all I want is to be treated as if I was one of your kind, live out my life in peace, not being apart of your government”! The leaders reactions where frustration and disappointment but he was a guest on there planet so they agreed to his wishes, but Haseo wanted to explore and travel so he also told them that, “i will teach your people some other technical advances in exchange for getting me into space to explore the galaxy”. They agreed to what he proposed and as the days turned into weeks Haseo was closer to getting his request.


500 years have past since that day, and Haseo is now commanding his own ship, sadly he had to join the navy since the newly formed Alliance Federation Of Planets founded by lord Segagiess a male humanoid being witch is a military leader of a race known as the Immortals or Ancients. the AFOP was forms in order to unite the galaxies inhabitence under one ruff in the goal for galaxy wide peace! sadly few saw this as an act of aggression and thats when the AFOP met there first enemy, the Changoloms! Haseo commanding the battleship known as Trident was one of the tens of thousands of ships in the AFOP united fleet at the time, the fleet being leaded by Segagiess himself Haseo followed his orders and his crew where not fond of him but they new to look past that in battle!

and thus the war started, a war that lasted 300 years that ravaged the Zeveron galaxy and then when the AFOP was about to get unilated, the Changoloms vanished! Haseo having to be put in the hospital in intense care do to his ship getting destroyed and some how surviving, he lays unconscious unaware that a new evil was making there move, an evil that would test Haseo's true skills!

CH.3 (coming soon)- will fill out in 3 months

Alliance Federation Of Planets (AFOP)

The foundation of the AFOP was around 80 million to 90 million years ago, 1 immortal started it, he was named, Segagiess! Segagiess was the founder of the AFOP, he started it because he wanted to unite the galaxy for one goal, "peace"! it took Segagiess over 250 years just to get the AFOP started let alown followers, but 50 years later it was on the fast track! with in 400-450 years the AFOP grew in strangth and finaly had its own goverment, and military departments, as well as other companies. the AFOP desided to colonize a planet they later made there home world, this planet was called new Zenitaia.

237 years later the AFOP was the main and central power of the Zeveron galaxy, being that powerful and fully devoted to forcing peace in this galaxy! but in doing this the AFOP had a few small wars intill they met there match, 4550 A.F.(after foundation) they met a avisary they never saw coming! 4551 A.F. a race known as the Changoloms(do to the fact that they can change shape into who ever they kill) took on the AFOP with stronger forces and slightly out numbering them, but the AFOP fought back with all there might, and in doing so a war that tore the galaxy apart draged on for 2900 years, in the end the AFOP was loosing the war, but just when the Changoloms where going to lay the final blow, every Changolom in the galaxy suddenly vanished, an admiral of the AFOP 32ed deployment consisting on 680 ships in total now 377, took matters into his own hands and investagated this mistory as the AFOP heals its wounds, he was called, Haseo Yashimora! as Haseo digged deeper into the mistory he finds that a group calling themselfs, "Infinity" was resposable and sot out to find them, but he soon realized they where there TRUE enemy!

Now the AFOP being back up to 86% efficiency, the began preparing them for another battle, sadly the AFOP's military is at 63% and navy(space forces) was at 80%, thats a bad number for the AFOP, even though thats millions of starships and 100eds of millions of ground forces, thats still highly undermanned compared to there enemy witch they know nothing about! the leaders of the AFOP consisting of the senate, the cousal and the chairmen, they came to a desition, "war"! they promoted AD. Haseo to supreme admiral, witch gives him the right to take command of any ship he wants and command every naval vessel/starship in the AFOP! Segagiess, KIA in the first AFOP/Changolom war, no one has took his place, but there's been a galaxy-wide romer that he's still alive! as Infinity infaltrates an AFOP colonized world called, Galilia, they launch a planet-wide nuclear attack that killed everyone on the planet! 3 hours later Infinity hacked every communication array/satellite and broadcasted a message from them that could be seen over 40 worlds including Zenitaia! the message said, "we are Infinity, we exist to destroy anyone that wishes for peace, we will and we shall, kill you all"!

what he looks like in detail- [link]

this art is not mine it was a point commission i payed from- [link]

and yes i got permission to post this in my gallery.
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A very nice rendition of the character, an amalgamation of several anime influences. The movement seems swift but deliberate, the line work is fine with some nice details like the armored sleeve under the traditional cloak. To be honest I would have preferred to see something with more color to give this powerful being more presence. The original artist has done a nice job with this as it appears to only be like a simple sketch or concept art to show how the character should look and perhaps a more detailed rendition can be posted in future, perhaps even some of the other characters in the book as well.
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Well the story itself is great, but you overdo the abilities, if your opponents are stronger I don't see how your guy is as powerful as he is right now. Even if he a demigod or something like that he's only so powerful. No matter how strong one man is he's just one man and there will always be someone who is stronger. I think you need to add in a time where he doubts himself and trains. Nevertheless it's a good story so far it's just the abundant of abilities and powers you give, it would only seem fair to have your enemies with similar things.
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
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UPDATE: Teacher: Futsunushi: the god of swords and lightning
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