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Yulai IX - CONCORD Bureau, meeting room one
"I heard all this before, but my decision stands i will not let our best agents go after this lead meaninglessly"! Panaja frustratingly tells the others at the meeting. Admiral Katar explains his idea to the CEO of CONCORD Panaja, "It seems we are at an impasse, we should send out that asset of ours, you know hes the best we got". Katar continues, "Administrator Tomic will you send him in please"?
Administrator Tomic walks out of the meeting room and comes back three minutes later with someone. "Miss. Panaja meet our best agent, retired caldari navy Specialist Yashimora, his reputation succeeds him during the war, and for about 2 years now hes been under cover for us taking down some tough Angel heads"! Katar explains.
Panaja looks at him wondering what hes thinking and if hes ready for this assignment. " Tell me one thing, why CONCORD"? Panaja asked Yashimora. "A job is a job, i might be a Merc now
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updated prologue of my novel NEX-GEN Blade
Long ago on the planet Talos lived the Natri, a highly advanced empire-like race that ruled its entire solar system. But with such power your welcomed to get noticed. After thousands of years of peace the Natri made first contact with a terrible foe called the Sacrilege, a brutal and dreadful race that only demanded conflict. But lucky for the Natri they where immortal, blessed by the goddess Athena with powerful abilities to wield in combat and did so. 300 years past and the war was over, the Natri had won but with great cost, with there empire fallen and only a few million of there race left alive they searched for a new safer world to call home, led by the hero of there people Zataris. what will await them in the endless ocean of space? Will they find a new home? And who is this young boy only known as the chosen one?
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Haseo Yashimora full color :iconhaseoyashimora:HaseoYashimora 1 0

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the best TO SCALE halo ship chart on DA! the shear ah this gives off for a halo nerd such as myself, i love this, also, now that halo 4...

one of the best images/art ive ever seen! simply mindblowing, in that fact i love how you did the lights and made it look like theres a...

one of the best ODST images on DA! the shear "aw" of this image is beautiful! i love how the art work is so real and fits the story fro...

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Yashimora Haseo HLH profile
[this RP profile is for my ARK: survival evolved RP server]

Yashimora Haseo
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Age: 38
Ethnicity: Japanese 

The war had been devastating across the world. Nations fell and hundreds of millions died instantly in the hellish fires of the nuclear blasts. Untold billions more would die even before the nuclear winter set in. Haseo was one of the debatably lucky ones to survive the initial explosions. Serving in the JSDF, He had been stationed with Japan Embassy in the United States. As tensions rose between the various nations in the UN consul, many countries began recalling their ambassadors in preparations for war. Japan, being strong allies of the US elected to stay and try to bring about a resolution before war could break out.
It was a chaotic moment; no one knew for sure who fired first, but it was certain that the United States had the final say. The ambassadors were rushed to bunkers deep below the UN building before the first bomb hit. Haseo had been the last one from the Japan embassy through the doors as they shut behind him. Moments later the whole place shook as the massive shock absorbers built around the concrete shelter absorbed the impact. Shortly thereafter the lights went out before the backup generators kicked in.
When it was relatively safe to leave, judging by the external sensor readouts, the various security personnel went first. The sight was unimaginable. Little could be determined of the wasteland before them. Nothing was left standing and everything was covered in ash. Though the sun was visible, the sky was dark with rainless clouds. The worst part was the absolute silence. A city that was once nearly 27 million people gone with little more than rubble to show their existence.
Once they had managed to leave the city behind. The ragtag group of foreign dignitaries and their varied staff that managed to stay with them debated their course of action. Some wanted to travel north to Canada in hopes they would have faired better, others wanted to stay near the coast in case a ship saw them and signal for help. The remainder wished to head west toward the less populated regions of the US in hopes of being able to etch out some kind of living. All had family they wish they could see again, but without a means to return home and the grim reality that most were already dead, this course of action seemed the only one left.
When the westward group came across a sizable band of survivors, they joined them in their search for arable land. In return, they supplied security from any roving thugs looking to steal their supplies. By the time they stumbled upon the lab and ultimately the way off the doomed Earth, they had incorporated themselves into the nomadic community.

Save our last hope, save humanity.

join today.


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Case 447: Specialist Agent Yamato
Jan 23rd Triskelion Floor 1

As the battle for the Triskelion ensues Agent Yamato grabs a handful of SHIELD soldiers on the first floor to the armory near the back of the building. "Yamato what the hell is going on, is what Cap said true, Hydra, like really"!? Soldier Nick tiler said to Agent Yamato. Yamato replies, "Yes, we have to secure the lobby let all of SHIELD employees get out safely to the garage, so im counting on you three to back me up, Cap said all of STRIKE is Hydra, dont hesitate to shoot them, they might have been your friends but now there your enemy"!

A firefight ensues in the main lobby as Agent Yamato and Agent Carl use the SHIELD atheistic symbol statute in the center of the lobby for cover Agent Yamato fires his M5 carbine in burst mode at 2 Hydra STRIKE Agents and kills one of the two and striking the second one in the arm knocking his M16 out of his hands. "BOOM" a grenade explodes at the top of the escalators near the elevators in the main hall as two SHIELD Agents fly off the second floor and smack to the atrium dead, Agent Yamato turns around to look and saw he couldn't help them so he went back to shooting at other Hydra STRIKE Agents in the Atrium.

"Bang"! A sniper round strikes Agent Carl in the head killing him instantly, Agent Yamato ducks behind the statue as another shot rings off going threw the statue and threw him! Agent Yamato began to bleed out as he limps away to another spot to hide from the sniper and all the fighting. A loud crumbling sound ensues and the whole Atrium begins to shack making the Hydra sniper miss Agent Yamato by inches! Yamato runs out a fire exit to look up and see one of the three "INSIGHT" Helicarriers crashing threw the building, he then passes out and falls to the ground from loosing to much blood.

Apon waking up in a unknown location, Agent Yamato opens his eyes and looks around to see hospital equipment all around him, he looks around the room, the room itself being some sort of storage room, he looks and saw he has an IV in, all dazed and feeling sick to his stomach, he gets up ripping his IV out and stumbles to the door. "The hell is going on"? Yamato said to himself out loud as he opened the door. "Well i was hoping you could tell me that Agent Yamato", a familiar voice said to him as he fell to the floor in a daze then said, "Agent Coulson, but, your dead". Agent Yamato then passed out as Director Coulson said to him as he was passed out with a smile on his face, "Ya I know, welcome to level 7, ill fill in the rest tomorrow".

so how you like it comments? go easy on me im still knew at this


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hi names Steve im 25years old and im a BIG anime/ sci fi fan, my favorite anime is Gundam 00 and Heroman.

Current Residence: N/A
deviantWEAR sizing preference: N/A
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Wallpaper of choice: scifi, space scapes, future
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Personal Quote: "Legends never die, there reborn"!

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Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae……


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